Spring is Coming!
Should You Be Ordering a Home Inspection & Preparing to Sell?

Since timing is everything when it comes to attracting buyers, it is commonly assumed that the best two seasons to sell your home are spring and summer. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider selling your property during the warmer, drier months.

Favorable Weather

Spring and summer weather provides more favorable moving conditions for families. During this time, potential buyers in Northern California and beyond begin to house-hunt. You may have some prospective home hunters interested in moving to California from a locale that experiences harsh winters. In these situations, families will be far more likely to search and buy after harsh winters have passed, giving them the opportunity relocate their belongings effortlessly.

Additionally, wet and cold seasons are not the most popular times to be house hunting. Buyers are far more likely to hunt as the weather warms and they will be able to comfortably view homes, inside and out, without the inconveniences of rain, mud, and chilly weather.

As an added benefit, advantageous weather tends to bring out the best in your landscaping. Although you may have to battle weeds during the spring and summer seasons, your trees, lawn, bulbs and just about everything green will be at its most alluring stage during this time. This is important as curb appeal is a huge factor in selling your home.

The Benefits of Longer Days When Selling Your Home

Spring and summer also bring longer daylight hours, allowing for more time to view houses. If you are planning on selling your home, you want to enable potential buyers to view your home while it’s still sunny for a few hours in the evening, wait for the longer days of summer.

A second thing to consider is that natural lighting within a home is important! The summer sun is great for shining light on your outdoor spaces as well as providing natural light indoors to make your home feel more open and inviting.

Families with Children Attending School

Families with young children can take advantage of summer breaks between school years to sell their home. Parents tend to avoid voluntary moving while school is still in session, as this would require pulling their children from one school to another mid-year. Moving during the summer months allows for a smooth transition for all family members.

Other things you should consider before selling your home:

  • Is it the right time for you to sell?
    Home values have skyrocketed in the Bay Area and Northern California, but only you can decide if the financial reward is worth the potential adjustments you’ll need to make as you move.
  • What are your next steps after selling?
    Where will your family move to?
    Will your new home accommodate your belongings or do you need storage?
    Do you have a job lined up near your new hometown?
  • Is your home in the right condition to list for sale?
    Do you need to make repairs or have the home inspected?
    Could you spend a little on improvements to boost your home’s value before selling?

Home Inspections Can Identify Potential Repairs Before Sale

HomeGuard Incorporated advises homeowners to conduct a comprehensive home inspection to identify any potential repairs prior to sale. Realtors and buyers will want to see an inspection report showing the home is in good condition without any major defects which could become costly projects for the buyer. HomeGuard offers property inspection services including home, termite, and roof inspections, as well as Natural Hazard Disclosure reports to help all parties involved in real estate.