Drone Use on the Rise in Home Inspection and Real Estate

Drones are increasingly being used for commercial purposes in a variety of industries. Their value to real estate agents and home inspection companies in particular continues to grow.

Northern and Southern California real estate agents use drones for high-angle photography and virtual tours, which enhance the experience of buying a home.

When utilized for home inspection services, drones considerably enhance efficiency for the inspectors with the ease and effectiveness of gathering photography and video footage to document their findings.

A More Personal View

In addition to getting a bird’s eye view, buyers can develop a personal feel for what a property truly comprises. By watching video from the trajectory that a drone might take, a viewer could see what it might feel like to enter a driveway or stroll along a property.

Affordable Aerial Photos

In the past, only those who were shopping for luxury property might see aerial shots taken from a hired helicopter. Drones alter that paradigm, offering the same kind of images for much more affordable prices.

Efficient Neighborhood Tours

In addition to having their buyers drive through a neighborhood, real estate agents could first offer images captured by drones. Viewers could observe shots of neighboring homes, adjoining streets, and even an entire town to better capture conveniences like nearby grocery stores, public transportation as well as to potentially expose unwanted nearby features.

Safer Inspections

For home inspections, the benefits are clear. One of the top advantages is safer roof inspections using drones. Drones can hover and zoom in on areas of concern where a human roof inspector might not be able to comfortably or safely stand to take a closer look, for instance.

Better Inspection Data

The information culled from drone images may offer more in-depth data than ever before. Inspections via drone can give home inspectors more detailed information, as well as closer inspections of places that are typically difficult or dangerous to access.

Speedier Inspection Times

Drones allow inspections to be implemented more quickly than conventional methods and they take a fraction of the time needed previously.

Drone technology is an exciting tool for both real estate agents and home inspections. As the technology continues to improve, the benefits to such industries will grow.

Future Possibilities

While they may not yet be a reality, remote viewings could be the wave of the future for home buyers, too. They would enable potential buyers to gain a unique perspective they could otherwise not access. Not only would drone viewings enable home buyers to see the property from anywhere, they could also provide a unique and more detailed perspective using multiple angles than they could see in person on foot .

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