Stay Safe, Comfortable and Stress Free for the Holidays

The holiday season ought to be a time for you to relax, engage in fun activities, and make memories with your family and friends. Unfortunately, a single accident can turn your holiday into a disaster. Preparing and planning ahead can help you and your guests avoid a holiday mishap.

The following are 6 practical tips to help you get through the holiday without a hitch:

  1. Ensure Your Overnight Guests are Comfortable
    A simple thing like remembering to set your water heater so that your overnight guests can take a hot and comfortable shower can make their stay a lot more enjoyable. Most heaters sold come with a factory setting of 140 degrees but turning it down to 120 degrees will still provide your guests with a lasting hot shower. Lowering your water heater temperature can also reduce energy consumption and will help to prevent your guests from scalding themselves with excessively hot water.
  2. Create Clear and Well Lit Pathways
    Wet, icy or poorly-lit walkways can be hazardous to older folks and young children who may be around for the holidays. Decreasing risk of slips, trips and falls is as easy as making sure that snow, ice, and debris are cleared from walkways and driveways. In addition to clearing any impediments, you should also ensure that your walkways are well lit for the long winter nights so guests will easily stay on path and find their way up stairs and steps to your home.
  3. Smart and Safe Decorations
    Make sure that all decorations are secure and free from falling over or creating a trip hazard. Avoid dangerous flammable items, particularly during the holidays as many people enjoy a warm fire, candles and space heaters that may lead to potential fire threats. Put out candles when not it in use. If you have a live Christmas tree, ensure that it stays watered to prevent it from drying up. Also, make sure that any extension cords that are run around your home do not create a tripping hazard and they are not likely to end up in a puddle if it rains.
  4. Secure your Four Legged Friend(s)
    According to statistics provided by the CDC, almost 4.5 million Americans suffer from dog bites annually. While some dogs and cats are great companions and may be completely fine with additional guests in your home, it is essential that you know your pets behaviors. You may want to keep your dog in a kennel during the holidays, especially if you are unsure of how he or she will respond around children or unfamiliar faces. Believe it or not, cats can cause serious harm as well and you’ll want to make sure they are somewhere safe where they are comfortable.
    Furthermore, a plethora of food is also present during the holidays; you’ll want to consider keeping these tempting treats out of harm’s way. If your pet happens to get a hold of these delicious morsels, you may be headed for an unexpected and expensive trip to the emergency vet.
  5. Be Cautious and Alert When in the Kitchen
    Always be attentive while preparing food this holiday; it is essential that you take all the necessary safety precautions. For instance, if you plan to cook poultry make sure that their internal temperature reaches 165 degrees to avoid serving food that could make your guests ill.
    Also, make sure that young children are not going unsupervised in the kitchen around sharp knives, hot pans, and other kitchen hazards.
    Lastly, make sure your smoke detectors are all working properly. In the event you burn your favorite casserole dish, you are timely informed before it becomes a giant damper on your holiday.
  6. Prevent any Potential Cases of Drunk Driving
    For many, the holidays are not complete without a glass of wine or spiked eggnog. You’re likely to have some guests who over indulge in the holiday festivities. Take precaution; limit how much alcohol you serve to your guests. As the host, you may want to check in with each member before they get behind the wheel. Offer to call an Uber or drive home any person you feel may not be safe behind the wheel.

Tips and Home Inspection Help You Avoid Dangers At Home

There are many things that can go wrong during holiday events but the 6 tips listed above can help you plan to avoid common holiday related dangers and problems. While homeowners can rely on common sense and tips like these to avoid problems during the holidays you may have hidden issues in your home that you don’t know about. HomeGuard Incorporated provides termite inspections, home inspections, roof inspections & Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports which can help you to identify issues like dangerous wiring, potential or active leaks, damage to structural wood, and risks related to natural disasters. Call HomeGuard at 855-331-1900 or schedule an inspection online today to get a better grasp on risks posed by your home.