When you are preparing for your home inspection, you will want to start by examining the many aspects, inside and out, of your home. From the roof to the sub-floor, plumbing and HVAC system, every part of your home should be carefully considered during an inspection.

If you want to maintain the highest possible value for your residence, do not neglect your appliances. Many homeowners underestimate the importance of maintenance – follow these top eight tips for effectively maintaining your home appliances.

8 Home Inspector Tips for Maintaining Household Appliances

Dryer Maintenance

  • To ensure that your dryer continues to work properly, always clean the lint trap after each use. Neglecting to do so will cause your dryer to work harder and this will impact your energy bill.
  • More importantly, you should periodically have the vent cleaned. Thousands of fires are started annually due to unclean dryer vents.

Washing Machine Hoses

  • A leaky hose can lead your home to flood. Inspect the hoses at the back of your washer for cracks and weak areas, replacing them as needed.

Refrigerator Coils

  • The failure to clean your refrigerator’s coils could cost you a heavy price tag. When the coils become clogged, your refrigerator must work harder to perform the same functions. Just like a dryer, if the appliance is working harder it will cause unnecessary wear and tear. Eventually, you will need to replace the appliance much sooner than expected.

Garbage Disposal

  • Don’t allow your garbage disposal to become clogged with food, grease or hair. Ensure the mechanism is turned off and use a pair of tongs to check for bits of food sitting in the bottom. Then, clean the disposal by pouring white vinegar down the drain. Follow this vinegar application with hot water.

Air Conditioner Filter

  • A great way to save money is to clean your air conditioner’s filter. This should be done every few months. You can either rinse it with water or vacuum it. Occasionally, you will need to replace the filter when it becomes worn.

Stove Hood Filter

  • Another filter that requires cleaning is the one in your stove’s hood. If you allow grease to build up there, the accumulation will ultimately lead to a smoke-filled kitchen. Remove the filter; clean it with a scrub brush and warm, soapy water.

Oven Door Seal

  • A loose seal on your oven door can let the heat out, costing you money. Lesson learned with your dryer and fridge; the harder your oven works, the sooner you will buy a new one. Examine the seal and replace it if it looks or feels loose.

Simple Regular Inspection and Maintenance Helps Maintain Home Value

By implementing some basic appliance maintenance on a routine basis, you will add to the overall value to your home. If you require a home inspection, roof inspection, termite inspection or NHD report in Northern California, contact HomeGuard. You can speak with a representative today by calling (855) 331-1900 or sending us a message using our online contact form.