Currently, the real estate market favors sellers. Inventory does not meet demands in many areas, especially in California. It’s estimated that some houses can get six to eight bids on the day it goes up for sale. In a seller’s market, buyers have to make their offer stand out. The buying process may go quickly. You may be tempted to pass on a home inspection in San Diego to avoid the hassle and/or costs. Here are some things to consider.

Why You Should Get a Home Inspection in San Diego

Home and roof inspections in San Diego give you information about your new home. This professional opinion can help you negotiate with a seller or give you peace of mind about the condition of the home you’re buying. If you’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe millions, you should know what you’re getting into.

What Can You Do Instead of Waiving the Home, Roof, or Termite Inspection in San Diego?

In a hot market, buyers are often pressured to skip the home inspection, but that’s not a great idea. California may require NHD reports in San Diego, but that report can’t tell you enough about the guts of the home. Instead of skipping the home inspection, shore up your offer in other ways:

  • Get preapproved for your mortgage, so sellers know you’re serious.
  • Go for an “informational inspection” instead of putting an inspection contingency in the offer. You will still have information about your new home, but you won’t use it in negotiations or ask the seller to pay for any repairs.
  • Make a big down payment, which also lets sellers know that you are a serious buyer.
  • Know that the market will change. Don’t get so attached to any house that you are willing to gamble your financial future on it.
  • Ask the seller for a home warranty or put a home warranty on the home when you purchase it. This can help you avoid major repair bills on covered systems and appliances in the home.

When you find your dream home, take the time to get a home inspection, even in a hot market. You’ll feel better when you finally close on your home, knowing what shape the house is in. HomeGuard Incorporated can help with all your inspection needs, contact us or call us at (855) 331-1900