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California Home Inspection for Waterfront Homeowners

Owning a waterfront home is a dream for many people, especially for those who seek solace in nature instead of the cities. However, what could be a dream may turn into a nightmare if you’re not willing to invest in a proper home inspection.

As a homeowner, you must understand that your home will likely have a couple of problems in some areas. Therefore, if you want to ensure you’re living in a sturdy, safe lake home, you can schedule a home inspection today.

Here are some things to consider when inspecting your home:

Pest damage

It’s no surprise that termites are destructive, and the damage these pests can do to your lake home can decrease your home’s quality. If you have termites, bees, and other wood-eating organisms at home, consider asking your home inspector or termite inspector in California about tips to handle the situation.


Mold, moisture, rot, mildew, and structural damage can happen to any home, but these issues are more likely if your property is situated near water. The situation will highly depend on how close your home is to the water. But in the case of lakefront homes, water damage to the crawl space or basement is common, so keep an eye on these areas.

Foundation damage

A professional home inspector will evaluate holes and other forms of damage around the foundation of your home. Holes make it easy for moles, rats, snakes, spiders, and other pests to get in. Therefore, if you start hearing crawling sounds in the attic or on the walls, call a home inspector immediately.


Any electrical issues should be addressed as soon as possible, especially in a lakefront home. A home inspector should ensure the electrical system is up to the code, indoor and outdoor panels are secured, and no loose wires are hanging to prevent electrical accidents.

Boat dock and pier

Living near a lake seems like a dream come true. Imagine waking up every morning with a lake nearby. All you have to do is dress up, grab your best freshwater spinning reels and other fishing equipment, then spend a couple of minutes walking towards the lake to fish and relax in peace.

Sounds dreamy, right? Probably not. However, many don’t realize the responsibilities that come with owning a lakefront home. Continuous exposure to sunlight, water, and other natural effects makes a lake property susceptible to damage if not maintained properly. Inspection is all the more critical if you have a boat dock, pier, or retaining walls that may be already damaged. If you have any of these features at home, let an expert home inspector check for problems such as waterlogged wood, frayed cables, protruding nails, and more.

Additional reminders

If fishing is an essential hobby for you, make sure to ask a real estate agent that specializes in waterfront properties to check if fishing (and even swimming) is permitted in your area. That way, you can use your best tarpon lures, kayak, and other angling equipment in peace, knowing that the lake allows people to fish and swim.

Home Inspection in San Diego, Southern California & Northern California

Living in a lakefront home may be a dream come true, but it entails a lot of responsibilities to ensure a safe and happy life inside and outside your home. If you want to have your lakefront property checked by an expert, contact HomeGuard Incorporated. They offer home inspections in San Diego, Riverside, Anaheim, or many parts of Northern and Southern California, so make sure to schedule an inspection today!