Many details are involved with preparing your property for the real estate market. If you do not plan to sell your San Diego or Northern California home, you should still inquire home inspections for safety.

Once your home is in top shape after the home inspection, it is time to deep clean. Remember to get the kiddies in involved to make it fun for everyone!

Clean and Prep Your Home for the Real Estate Market

The following are some of the tasks and areas that may be easily forgotten or neglected in the cleaning process:

First, Get the Kids Involved

It’s almost never too early to teach your little ones the value of a clean and safe environment. Enlist them to help you as you navigate your way through your home. By involving them early, you may instill a lifelong appreciation for keeping their belongings and home tidy and functional.

Decluttering and Purging

Many homes simply contain too much stuff. This is particularly true for households with children. Kids can outgrow their clothes quickly, as well as their games and toys. Once a month (or at least, once per season), go through every room in your house and assess your kids’ belongings. You can sell or donate items that are no longer needed or used. Implementing this task on a regular basis will make cleaning your home much easier overall.

You can even make this a fun and rewarding experience for your children. Praise them each time they purge a designated area, and point them in the direction of the toys they plan to keep. Explain that you are donating the belongings they don’t use to those who are less fortunate.

Let the Cleaning Begin!

Once you have purged your space of obsolete possessions, you can then focus on getting your home clean. Make sure to include your little ones in this phase, as well. Once you teach them the basics, cleaning with children can be great fun. Give each child a microfiber cloth with which to remove the dust from toys, games, and books.

While your kids are doing their part, you can wash soft surfaces (such as pillows, throw blankets, and couch cushion covers). Vacuum and steam clean carpets and upholstery. Soft surfaces retain dust and bacteria, so this step should be performed on a routine basis.

Clean Every Corner

Certain areas may be forgotten when you do your regular cleaning. You might want to create a checklist, so these items or spaces are not left neglected and dirty. Remember to clean the undersides of tables, chairs, sofas, and beds, as well as the insides of cupboard doors. Remove dust and dirt from baseboards, as well as any other spots easily accessed by little ones. Also, remember to clean doorknobs, light switches, and the handles on drawers, cabinets and closet doors. Don’t forget to remove dirt from remote control devices, computers, and cell phones (electronic wipes work wonders with such equipment).

Last, but certainly not least, are your children’s toys. After your kids have dusted them, clean off any food, grime, etc., with antibacterial spray, soapy water or other appropriate cleaning products.

It is possible to keep your children healthy and clean, even as they explore every corner of your space. If you are planning on listing your home, a well-cleaned place of residence will offer the added bonus of appeal to your  buyer.

Professional Home Inspections in the Bay Area and San Diego Area

Before you place your property on the market, don’t forget to schedule a professional home inspection. HomeGuard Incorporated provides a variety of home inspection services including roof inspection, termite inspection and NHD reports from San Jose up through Santa Rosa in the Bay Area, and the Sacramento and San Diego metropolitan areas. Call us today at (855) 331-1900, or feel free to contact us via our online form.