Does the Seller have to Make Repairs after Home Inspections in La Jolla?

A home inspection gives the buyer a lot of information about their new home. Many home inspections in La Jolla turn up problems that the homeowner may not even be aware of. Once you get the report, what do you do with it if you’re buying the home? Largely, it depends on the types of problems and how your contract is worded. The short answer is that the sellers don’t have to make any repairs after the inspection, but there are many considerations for home buyers.

Should the Home Buyer Request Repairs?

When roof inspections in La Jolla turn up big problems, a home buyer may request that the seller make the repairs before the sale, but often the seller has the right to negotiate. Buyers need to decide which problems are a no-go versus which repairs are just cosmetic. In a hot market, the buyers may not want to require repairs. A seller may have multiple offers. Some buyers may be willing to overlook problems to find the house of their dreams. Buyers have to use their negotiation tools wisely.

Could Another Party Require Repairs Made?

The buyer can make requests of the seller to fix certain items, but there are other parties involved in the sale of your home. Your homeowner’s insurance underwriter may require that certain repairs are made in order to get insurance. The mortgage company may also require certain repairs before they’ll underwrite the mortgage. As a buyer, you may be able to use this as leverage to request the home owners make repairs as part of the sale or get a deduction on the price of the home. Home sellers are required to get termite inspections in La Jolla as part of the selling process. The termite company may require remediation as part of the ongoing coverage. These things would be separate from the home inspection, even if they were discovered as part of it.

What Are Your Deal Breakers?

Because repairs aren’t required after a home inspection, it’s your decision on how to handle any issues that are found during the inspection. Finding lead paint might be a deal breaker if you have little ones that you can’t risk getting sick until repairs are made. Building code violations may be problematic. You may also want to look into a home warranty to cover any major repairs for a few years while you’re getting settled into your new home. You’ll have peace of mind.

Termite, Roof, and Home Inspections in La Jolla

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