A home is likely the most expensive purchase an individual or family may make, so it is important to be diligent during the purchasing process. Before buying a home, it is critically important to inspect it to discover any defects or problems. So, when buying a home, call the professionals for home inspections in Modesto and throughout Northern or Southern California.

An FHA Loan

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers loans designed to help families that do not qualify for conventional housing loans. An FHA loan is more affordable and easier to qualify for than other home loans, so they become a great choice for those who have a limited budget or who have a poor credit history.

FHA loans do not require a home inspection, but one is strongly encouraged. Rather, an appraisal is required which:

  • Determines the current market value of the home for lending purposes and possibly resale purposes.
  • Conducts a basic inspection of the home to make sure that it is safe and habitable. This appraisal is not a complete home inspection, so a complete home inspection is advised to be totally confident in the property’s conditions.

Items that an FHA loan appraiser will look for include:

  • Is the lot graded so that moisture is directed away from entering the basement or foundation?
  • Do all bedrooms have an egress to the exterior, to provide an exit in case of fire?
  • Does the home possess any lead-based paint?
  • Do all steps and stairways have handrails for safety?
  • Does the heating system provide a healthy and comfortable living condition?
  • Is the roof in a good state of repair?
  • Is the foundation solid?

What do Thorough Home Inspections Cover?

Thorough home inspections in Modesto and throughout California will include:

  • An objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a home from the roof to the foundation.
  • An evaluation of the home’s heating and cooling systems.
  • An evaluation of the home’s interior plumbing and electrical systems.
  • An evaluation of the home’s physical structure including the roof and the attic.

Each of these will describe any repairs or remediation that may be necessary.

Termite Inspections in Modesto and Throughout California

It is important to inspect homes for termite damage and other wood-destroying organisms. Termite infestations can go undetected for a long time, hidden behind walls, underneath insulation, or underneath floor coverings. So, inspect the property and repair or prevent further damage.

Roof Inspections in Modesto and Throughout California

Roof inspections in Modesto and throughout California are comprehensive inspections of the roof surface of a home. An inspection will identify any deficiencies in the roof’s surface that need repair.

HomeGuard Provides Expert California Home Inspections

HomeGuard provides superior home inspections in Modesto and throughout California. Our home inspectors are carefully selected for certification based on technical skills and professionalism. We provide home, roof, and termite inspections and perform expert roof and termite repair work to meet your needs. Contact us today or order an inspection online.