When it comes to buying real estate in California, an inspection is integral. First, it will identify any issues that could cost money later for prospective buyers, and second, it ensures the bank does not get left holding the bag on a home that is not habitable. The time to negotiate price and terms is after the inspection by a professional with experience in home inspections in Temecula, with special attention paid to needed repairs of the building’s roof and structural integrity issues. Furthermore, pests can be a problem in California; it pays to invest time and resources in hiring a company with expertise in termite inspections for Temecula properties, too.

Temecula Home Inspection Repair Negotiation Strategies

Try these tips for negotiating repairs after your Temecula home inspection:

Be Empathetic

Negotiating tips when you are buying real estate should include empathy. That is, put yourself in the seller’s position when buying to garner some perspective and compassion during the process. After all, you both share the same goal; negotiating gives you the opportunity to reach middle-ground and make a collaborative sale.

Put it in Writing

Don’t trust word-of-mouth agreements or caveats when it comes to a real estate transaction. As long as both the buyer and seller agree, practically anything can be written-in or added to your sales contract.

Don’t Make Demands

Be careful of making demands. The seller is not required to repair or do anything; they could put the kibosh on the sale without making any repairs. Communicate and cooperate so that you both are able to reach a favorable outcome in the end.

Choose Your Battles

There will always be something found when it comes to inspecting a home for sale; remember to choose your battles when negotiating with the seller. Skip small, inexpensive issues that don’t impact occupancy over larger problems that could, such as pest infestation or a shoddy roof.

Be Prepared

Come to the bargaining table prepared. Do a little homework regarding the potential problems and the estimated costs of fixing them. The inspector is not the one to ask about price quotes, however; this is the role of a qualified contractor. Your realtor should be able to suggest a reputable contractor that can provide this information for you prior to your negotiations with the seller.

Show Courtesy

If you are looking to buy- or sell- a property, be courteous. There is no reason to come to the negotiations with hostility or anger. If you feel that emotionally charged, this may not be the property for you. Cut your losses and move forward.

Find the Best Home Inspections in Temecula

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