Moving into a new home can be very exciting but a variety of important tasks must be done before you make the transition. Once you have taken care of these small details, moving will be a breeze as you start to settle into your new environment. Use the following checklist as a pre move-in guide.

Follow This Checklist Before Moving Into Your Home


1. Locks

Before you even think of staying one night in your new place of residence, be sure to have the locks on all of the exterior doors changed. If you are working with a tight budget, the interior doors can wait, but those should also be changed at some point. With regard to the interior locks, make the bedroom and bathroom doors a priority.

2. Windows

You will also want to install window treatments before you move your belongings into a new place. You will maintain a level of privacy, so others cannot look inside and see your household and your belongings.

3. Vent Covers and Switch Plates

If the air vent covers and switch plates look old, you should probably replace them. Your new residence will feel more like a home if these items do not look aged and rusted. This task takes only a few moments and is easy to do.

4. Mechanical Equipment

Mechanical devices and systems should be serviced and cleaned before moving day. Leave this job to the professionals, such as HVAC technicians, electricians, and other relevant experts.

5. Paint

The best time to have the place painted is before you move your possessions into your new home. You can do this yourself, or hire a painting company.

6. Clean

No matter how clean the place appears, there is no substitute for cleaning everything thoroughly yourself. You can also hire a professional cleaner, but don’t trust that the previous owners cleaned more than the most visible areas.

7. Get Organized

By purchasing storage accessories now, you will make the process of getting settled much easier. Buy boxes, baskets, shelves, and closet organizers, so you can immediately assign a home to every item you bring in to your new place.

8. Remember the Inspections

Another important detail is to have your new place of residence inspected. It is best to have this done prior to moving in, so you can have any necessary jobs, such as pest control, performed safely and efficiently.

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