When you are trying to sell your home, anything you can do to increase its value may be beneficial. Luckily, doing this does not require that you put in a great deal of money or time. By making a few improvements, it is possible to boost the appeal of your home – without breaking the bank in the process. When you do these things before your home is on the market, it will be that much more presentable (and valuable to buyers) if you do decide to sell your Bay Area home.

How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Stay on Top of Repairs

Periodically, you should assess the state of your home. If it requires repairs or improvements, try to do them before you consider selling. This could be something as simple as repairing a leaking pipe which, if left unattended, could result in serious water damage. This will spare you from paying much more for issues that spiral out of control down the road.

Keep It Clean

Never underestimate the appeal of a clean home to potential buyers. The best way to keep your property in great shape is to clean it regularly. Once a month, hire a professional cleaning company to do the job as thoroughly as possible. When your home is for sale, you may want to employ a cleaning crew weekly or biweekly.

Remember the Exterior

Don’t forget how important the outside of your property is to interested parties. You don’t have to completely revamp the exterior to lend more curb appeal to your home. Making small improvements can beautify the property, and they may be less expensive than a major upgrade. Instead of paying for costly landscaping, you might prune flower bushes and remove dangling tree limbs. Also, be sure to keep up with routine maintenance, such as raking, mowing, and using a power washer to clean the siding.

Termite, Home, Roof Inspections and NHD Reports in the San Francisco Bay Area

Another way to make your home more attractive to buyers is to have it inspected. By offering proof that your property has undergone the inspection of a certified professional, you will instantly put prospective buyers at ease. HomeGuard Inc. provides termite inspectionsroof inspections, and home inspection. During a home inspection, our experts will examine your home from top to bottom. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.