If you’re worried that your California home is not marketable enough, stop worrying. You can do quite a bit to increase your real estate to prospective purchasers. The key is to anticipate the details that matter the most to home buyers. The following are some of the major reasons people might choose a residential property.

3 Big reasons potential buyers might choose a residential property

  1. The View from the Curb

The impact of curb appeal cannot be overestimated. When people first view your home from the street, what do they see? Does your property look irresistibly charming? If you were in the market for a place, would you be compelled to go inside and investigate further?

You can increase curb appeal in a variety of ways. You might start by adding a coat of paint to the house or replacing old siding. If your landscaping isn’t memorable, plant some flowers in large pots outside. Be sure to remove debris that might be cluttering up your yard.

  1. Timely Renovations

Now, when refurbishing areas of your home, pay attention to the style you choose. If you’ve lived in your home for decades and haven’t updated it since 1995, it might not attract younger demographics. Spend an afternoon browsing design websites so you can implement changes that will be relevant in today’s market.

You don’t need to do a complete renovation to make your property look more modern. You can make a significant difference in the kitchen, for example, by replacing outdated appliances with energy efficient models. That one change could attract environmentally-conscious buyers.

An inexpensive way to revamp the look of your home is to invest in some fashionable décor. Place stylish throw rugs on older wooden floors. Purchase a new shower curtain and bath towels. Small changes can surely make a difference in terms of overall impact.

  1. Creating More Light and Space

A spacious, well-lit room can do much to charm buyers. If you have the time and money, consider adding some skylights to your home. You could also simply update your lighting fixtures, and remember to open the blinds and curtains.

To give an illusion of more space, you should start by minimizing the amount of furniture in your home. Rooms filled with overstuffed sofas, beds too big for the area, and too many chairs will make a home seem smaller than it is. If you need to, invest in a storage unit to house some of the pieces you want to keep.

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By making a few changes here and there, you could greatly increase the salability of your home. Remember to have your home inspected, too. You should do this before you even list your property. HomeGuard provides Northern California home inspections, as well as NHD reports, for all California Real Estate transactions. Call us at 855-331-1900, or feel free to contact us online.