Pre-Listing Home Inspections Help You Sell Your California Home

During the process of a home sale, usually the buyers have a home inspection done before making a final decision. However, it is also possible for sellers to order home inspections, and they do so for numerous reasons. Here are some of the advantages of getting a home inspection in San Diego, Anaheim, Riverside, and other locations in California before listing the property for sale.

Become Aware of Issues

Home inspections conducted for sellers are the same as those conducted for buyers. Professionals assess the functionality of the major components and systems of your home, including doors, windows, roof, siding, plumbing, electricity, and heating and cooling. They will look for foundation cracks, water damage, pests, and other problems. Additional inspections include pool, chimney, septic, and well. The fees vary depending on the home’s age, square footage, and special conditions. An inspection gives you an accurate picture of the condition of your home prior to selling it.

Make Necessary Repairs

A pre-listing inspection assists you in making decisions on improvements and upgrades to your home before selling it. Repairing your home’s major systems can significantly increase its value. You will especially add to its worth through major repairs such as a new roof, new wiring, and new heating and air conditioning. Additionally, you’ll save time by having any significant repairs taken care of prior to listing, rather than later when you are attempting to finalize a deal with your buyer.

Improve Marketing

Pre-listing inspections not only uncover defects, but they also highlight your home’s strong points. For instance, if your roofing, sewer system, and heating and cooling systems are in excellent shape, you can promote this in your marketing. Showing seriously interested buyers a summary of a home inspection that has just been completed backs up your word as a seller and engenders trust in what you have to say about the condition of the property.

Improve Negotiations

Even if you do not intend to repair or upgrade the defects that you find, a pre-inspection of your home improves your negotiating position with buyers. You are already aware of anything that buyers might come up with during inspections, and you can let them know that you have already factored those circumstances into the price you have listed. This means that buyers have less leverage when attempting to lower your asking price.

Home Inspections in San Diego and Much of Northern and Southern California

Although you may have conducted a pre-listing inspection of your home, it is likely that a buyer will also choose to have another inspection done. Whether sellers and buyers use the same inspectors is irrelevant as long as the inspectors are certified professionals. For home inspections in Riverside, San Diego, Anaheim, Riverside, and much of Northern and Southern California, contact HomeGuard Incorporated or call (855) 331-1900.