California Home Inspections Continue as the Real Estate Market Goes On

If you’re going to make a big change in your life, is this the year to do it?!

So many other things are out of the ordinary these days that deciding to relocate is just one more of them. There are plenty of reasons why it’s a great time to move, whether a few cities away or across the country.

  • Low interest rates. Though the overall economy is unstable right now, interest rates are staying low and likely will for a few more quarters. This means smaller payments for your home loan, possibly a shorter term, or maybe even being able to pay a little more for property that might have been out of your price range previously. This could also nudge a renter into a buyer.
  • Change in workplace structure. The COVID pandemic has led to more people working remotely, which means you may not need to commute to the office every day, only to your living room. This means you don’t necessarily need to live near your workplace, so you can consider moving somewhere cheaper, with better scenery, or closer to other scenery you like.
  • Change in employment. The pandemic also has led to record rates of unemployment from companies shutting their doors or some instituting buyouts, layoffs or furloughs. These types of changes can encourage people to want to or need to move elsewhere to seek a new position.
  • Extra cash. If you have equity in your home or find a great deal elsewhere, it could be a great time to switch to maybe a larger or smaller place, depending on your budget, lifestyle, and family situation.
  • Better technology. Now, it’s much easier to home shop than in the past thanks to virtual tours. You don’t have to actually visit a new location which could make it easy to preview something several states away.
  • Traditional reasons. Even before COVID hit, there were always good reasons for people to move, from work opportunities to saving money to a desire to improve quality of life or be near family.

If a move is a possibility in the next year, it’s important to make sure you know all the details of the new place. Home inspections should be required to make sure everything is in good shape structurally or reveal defects or problems that might not be visible to the untrained eye.

For instance, termite inspections from a licensed termite inspector may reveal an infestation that even the seller may not be aware of. These can also show which type of termites are present.

Or roof inspections can also help avoid potential problems in the future if there are leaks, structural damage that might be hard to see, or even low-quality shingles that also might be hard to notice until they break or come loose in a storm.

Home inspections can be valuable for those looking to make a change during these challenging times. Inspections from a certified home inspector present the ability to learn more about the possibilities of a home rather than just price or curb appeal.

HomeGuard Home Inspectors in Northern and Southern California

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