Homeowners might be inclined to follow the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” regarding some aspects of their homes. Or, perhaps for roofs, “if it ain’t leaking, don’t repair it.” But that is not a good way to take care of a home which is likely the largest investment most people will make. A good roof is a key feature of a home, protecting the home from harmful elements and providing safe and comfortable shelter. To be sure, roofs age along with other elements of a home and they must be cared for properly. Professionals can perform proactive roof inspections in Vacaville and in Northern and Southern California areas to help protect your investment from serious and expensive damage.

Why You Want a Roof Inspection and a Problem-Free Roof

Homeowners should want a problem-free roof to protect the home from damage and to prevent homeowner dislocation or discomfort, keeping occupants safe and dry. Importantly, if there is roof damage, the sooner it is fixed, the less the repairs will cost. Taking action quickly when damage occurs will help get a better response from the homeowner’s insurance carrier (because delays may worsen the damage and may signal neglect to the insurance folks.) Of course, the condition of a roof significantly impacts a home’s curb appeal and its property value. Experts performing roof inspections in Tracy and in the Bay Area can help make sure that your roof is problem-free.

Common Issues Found During Roof Inspections

Here are some of the common issues found during roof inspections in Vallejo and other California areas:

  • The roof structure. Inspectors will determine if there are any structural problems such as roof sagging or shifting, as well as checking for rot at key support points.
  • The roofing materials. Roofs are made of various types of overlapping materials that protect the home as well as keeping the home ventilated and well-insulated. Each of these materials has a different lifespan. For example, 3 tab asphalt shingles typically last 15-25 years and clay tile roofs can last 80 years or more. Despite the stated age, all roofs require routine maintenance to ensure that there are no breaks or defects in the coverings and to check that the sealing around penetrations is secure. Problems can be caused by hail, excessive heat, excessive/pooling rain, or tree damage.
  • Quality of the roofing materials installation. Roof inspections in Vacaville and throughout the area can determine if there are problems in the workmanship of the installation that may result in problems.
  • Gutters, downspouts, and roof flashings. These can prevent or cause water problems in roofs and need to be inspected.
  • Problems with chimneys. Inspectors could find damage or obstructions such as dead animals, leaves, tree branches, and bird nests. Or there could be sealing problems at the base of the chimney.
  • Signs of pest damage. These can include bees, birds, vermin, termites, and other wood-eating insects.

Choose Expert Inspection Services for Roof Inspections in Tracy and Other California Areas

HomeGuard provides superior home inspections in Tracy, Vacaville, Vallejo, and other California areas. Our home inspectors are carefully selected for certification based on technical skills and professionalism. We provide home, roof, and termite inspections and perform expert roof and termite repair work to meet your needs.