Termite Inspectors in Sacramento and San Jose Have Their Work Cut Out for Them

Household pests can wreak havoc in any home, and termites are particularly insidious. Unfortunately, Sacramento and San Jose termite inspections show that both cities are among the top 25 worst cities in the US for termites. However, this troubling statistic does not mean you should pack up and move to a different region! Once you are armed with a little knowledge on this topic, you can look for the signs of termite infestation. In many cases, you may avoid this costly problem altogether, especially with the help of a reputable termite inspection company.

Preventing Termite Infestation

The first step you should take is to learn how to prevent these critters from invading your home. Since termite offspring can easily be bred in moisture, do everything you can to keep your property free of excessive moisture and standing water. Also, don’t allow piles of leaves and wood to accumulate near your home; such piles offer an easily accessible means of food for the unwelcome insects.

Other conditions to avoid include areas of your roof or siding that may be in disrepair, which can encourage termites to take up residence. You should also check the attic periodically, as exposed beams can serve as an ideal home for termites.

How to Know Whether Your Home has Termites

Sometimes, no amount of prevention will deter a home invasion. The best way to check your home for termites is to have it inspected by a termite inspection company on a regular basis. Between inspections you can look for various signs of the critters in or around your residence. These signs may include termite wings, wood that has been hollowed or otherwise damaged, and droppings that may appear to be coffee grounds or sawdust.

Additional clues are wood flooring that has become blistered, as well as small dirt tunnels around the base of your home structure. If you find termites swarming anywhere on your property, they have likely already detected your residence as a viable means of food and shelter and you need to take quick action to limit or prevent damage to your structure.

Sacramento Home Inspection: Protecting Your Household from a Home Invasion

The thought of insects taking over your home is creepy, and even worse, this type of invasion could destroy the structure of your abode. Instead of waiting for such an occurrence to wreak havoc, be proactive in your approach to this issue. Whether you require a termite inspection in Sacramento or termite inspection in San Jose, our team of experts is ready to assist. Feel free to contact us today at 855-331-1900 for more information or order an inspection online.