There is a reason the termite is known as ‘the secret destroyer’. This is because it latches onto areas of weakness and eats its way into wood, paper products, and pretty much everything except metal.

The problem is that you as the homeowner may not notice that something could be amiss, which is why it is important to retain some sort of timeline for when these little monsters might decide to take over your home.

There are two basic steps involved in a termite infestation that is set to keep you up at night, and below is a comprehensive look at each phase:


At this point, termites are going to group into swarms that are distinguishable from regular colonies by their possession of wing buds. The groups involved here are sexually mature and intent on building a form of habitation at your home.

After the wing buds have been developed, the swarms leave their birth nest and fly to a new location. They then begin to construct mud tubes built into colonies.

The role of these mud tubes is to separate the termites from the outside world and allow them to go out in search of food and other resources necessary for continued existence and thriving.


A class of termites known as the supplementary representatives will now start laying extra eggs in a bid to help the queen expand her colony, which is vital to the continued existence of the pests.

Sometimes the queen will die, setting some kind of ‘succession plan’ in motion in which a section of the healthiest supplementaries steps in to keep the line moving.

Over time, colonies keep expanding . Once the population has grown up to several million members ,satellite colonies are formed and the termites fan out in order to widen their foraging bases. They set out to build a number of complicated tunnels which form the basis of their interactions with the outside world.

When termites finally find their way outside the colonies, they move into our houses and eat away at materials such as wood, paper, and food packages.

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