Don’t Skip the Termite Inspection When Buying a Home

Like many household problems, you can’t ignore your termites away.

In fact, one of the worst things you can do is “not” get rid of these pests right when you find them – the more time they have to dig in, the more they’ll multiply, the more damage they’ll do to your home, and the larger your repair bill could be.

Sure, moving to another part of the country without termites may sound lovely, but you’ll still have difficulties selling your previous termite-infested home, especially if prospective buyers have their own termite inspection performed. The presence of these insects could, at best, lower their offer or even cause buyers to walk away. At worst, the prospective buyer or their agent can accuse you of making false statements if you don’t fully disclose the presence of termites.

This is why termite inspections are vital and Sacramento residents should consider scheduling, whether you’re planning to buy, to sell, or to stay put.

Inspections should be performed by professionals with proper credentials and training in how to detect termites of all sizes and stages.

A detailed inspection should look at your entire home, especially the crawl space and the soil nearby, since it’s common for these insects to begin life underground and then travel upwards as they increase in size and numbers.

Termite inspections need to look closely into all sorts of nooks and crannies where termites are frequently found. These shouldn’t just stop at the foundation, basement and lower areas either – termites can be found in attics or other damp, cool and dark places.

Consider buying needs

When considering termite inspections, San Jose prospective homebuyers should make sure they have someone familiar with termites, including having the knowledge that there are more than 50 unique species in North America.

If termites are detected, a homeowner will then need to find professionals familiar with effective ways to eliminate them.

Part of proper treatment includes deciding which method involves the best practice of disposing of them, including treating the soil, treating the wood or setting up whole house fumigation.

All of these options have pros and cons and one may work better than others, depending on where the termites are located and the scale of the outbreak.

This could be a discussion between the homeowner and their real estate agent, as well as any local termite treatment expert. Though the homeowner essentially would like to say “get rid of all of them any way you can,” it’s important that you follow various codes created by local municipalities as well as home loan providers.

This includes avoiding possible contamination of the structure, neighboring properties, or how close the location is to sensitive places like bodies of water. These discussions also need to happen when someone is having a home built, since termite protection is now part of building codes in several states in areas where termites are more common.

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