HomeGuard Can Help You with Termite Inspections in Sacramento, the Bay Area, and San Diego

Most mortgage lenders in San Francisco, Sacramento, and the surrounding areas require a termite inspection as part of the home inspection process. The purpose of termite inspections in Sacramento is to look for evidence of wood destruction due to termites gnawing their way through it. If you’re selling a home, arranging for termite inspections in the Bay Area tells the buyer that you’re serious about ensuring that your home is move-in ready. However, choosing the right company to perform home inspections in Sacramento is critical. Below are several criteria to consider when making this choice yourself.

First Things First: What Are Termites?

Termites are insects that can appear black, tan, or brown. They can cause serious damage to homes by chewing through wood and destroying the structural foundation. Unfortunately, homeowners are not always aware that termite damage has taken place. That’s one reason why arranging for termite inspections in Sacramento should be one of the first things you do after deciding to put your house on the market.

Make Sure the Company has an Excellent Reputation

You wouldn’t want to hire a company that performs termite inspections in the Bay Area, only to have the inspector arrive late or not issue you a comprehensive report. Be sure to complete your due diligence ahead of time by asking the company for references, or asking for referrals from friends, family, or co-workers. Word-of-mouth recommendations can still be among the most trustworthy in this our electronic era.

Cost and Competitive Bids

The lowest price doesn’t always guarantee the highest quality when it comes to home inspections in Sacramento. While it’s always a good idea to compare costs from several companies, consider it among the other important factors as well. If the company you hire finds problems, it should issue you a competitive bid to come back and complete the work of termite removal. This bid is very important since it can impact the assigned value of your home and the process of selling it. If you receive such a bid, be certain that the termite inspection company has a written plan to address all issues it uncovered.

HomeGuard Termite Inspections in Sacramento, San Diego, and Much of Northern California

Details and thoroughness are the name of the game here at HomeGuard. After completing a termite inspection, we provide you with a competitive bid to fix all section 1,2, and further inspection items listed in your report. Additionally, we provide a Certification that states your home is free of termites and a Notice of Work Completed. To learn more about HomeGuard’s termite inspections or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today or call (855) 331-1900.