If, after several months of sitting on the market your Sacramento or Bay Area home isn’t selling, the problem could be easier to fix than you might suspect! there may be a variety of reasons for potential buyers not responding favorably. These could range from limited showing availability, to an unrealistic asking price, to a poorly staged home. Below is a list of the most common factors that prevent homeowners from selling their properties quickly.

5 Factor to Consider When Your Home Won’t Sell


Although memorabilia throughout the home may have sentimental value to the current homeowner this can create the feeling of disorder to outside parties. Having too much clutter in the home during viewing has the potential to make the area appear smaller and less appealing to prospective buyers.

Distinctive Aromas

When selling your home it is best to avoid activities that may leave behind distinctive, potentially unappealing, odors. For example, if you smoke or have family pets that stay indoors the resulting odors may be unpleasant to potential buyers. The investment of hiring a cleaning crew prior to the showing of your property can help to eliminate this concern. During home tours we recommend keeping pets in one area of the home, limiting smoking to outside areas only, and avoiding cooking foods with strong smells that could linger.


It is best to fix as many repair items as possible prior to listing your home. Issues such as oil stains on the driveway, peeling paint, or broken appliances can quickly deter prospective buyers. Being proactive and fixing any potential problems prior to home tours you can make your property a more viable option. It is also recommended that you consider hiring a termite and home inspector. This prevents unforeseen problems if the prospective buyers have your property inspected down the road.


In order for your home to be seen by the largest number of potential buyers, you will want to make it available as often as possible for home tours. By placing various restrictions on the hours for viewing you may be missing out on many opportunities to sell your home. You will need to work closely with your real estate agent to balance your use of the home so that prospective buyers have access as frequently as possible.


Setting a market-friendly price on your home plays an essential role in the timeframe of making a sell. Inappropriate pricing is one of the top reasons that properties don’t sell and can result in your home being on the market for an extended period of time. Work with your real estate agent to determine what pricing is appropriate for your home and area and you must be willing to negotiate if necessary.

One of the Leading Home Inspector Serving the Bay Area and Sacramento

Selling a home can be stressful, but you can take action to make your property more appealing to buyers. Remember to use a home inspector before listing your place. HomeGuard offers a variety of home inspections in the Bay Area and Sacramento, such as Termite, Home, Roof Inspections and NHD Reports. For the smoothest home selling experience, make sure your home is in top condition before you place it on the market. Call us at 855-331-1900, or complete our online contact form to get a free quote.