Selling Your Home? Or Should You Rent It Out? Let a Home Inspection Company Help Decide

If you’ve got a new opportunity in a new location, you can either sell your home or rent it out. How do you make that decision? Both routes have their pros and cons. If you rent, you retain your investment so that you continue to build equity. On the other hand, renters can damage your home. Selling can make sense in certain conditions, too. In either case, home inspections in Tracy can help you manage the issues of your home to know whether you should sell or if renting may be in your future.

Are You Landlord Material?

Investing in real estate isn’t for the faint of heart. As a landlord, you’ll have to deal with all types of issues, from plumbing problems at midnight to the “I’m going to be late on the rent.” You can hire a property manager to handle these things, but then you must still be able to pay the mortgage and other bills. Look at the rent growth in your area. If you can’t rent your home and make a little profit, you may want to take the selling route. Another reason to rent your home is when you don’t have equity in the home to make selling worth it. If you can hold onto the home for another couple of years, it might be more beneficial to you, especially if your home is located in an area where rental demand is high.

When You Should Sell Your Home

On the other hand, renters can damage your investment, making it more difficult to sell when you’re ready. If market conditions are good, selling can be the best financial decision. Maybe you’re simply ready to walk away from your current home and get settled in your new place. If you know that your current home is needing work, you may be ready to sell instead of investing a lot of repairs. Roof inspections in Tracy can give you an estimate on the life of your roof. Selling your home makes sense if it’s not in renter condition or in an area where there is a big renter demand.

Do You Want to Keep Your Home?

Bottom line, it comes down to a lot of issues, but if you love your home and want to keep it, then renting may be the best option. If you don’t want to deal with real estate investments or you need money to buy your next home, then selling may be your route. Talk to a company who does termite inspections in Modesto to learn more about the defects of your home and to figure out what issues you need to repair or fix before selling or renting. You need to review your potential loss or profit before making any decisions.

You Need Regular Home Inspections, Roof Inspections, and Termite Inspections

Whether you’re selling your home or renting it out, home inspections will help you head off any potential problems  and keep your home in good condition. If you are looking for a reliable company serving most of Northern and Southern California, offering termite, home, and roof inspections as well as NHD reports don’t hesitate to contact us on our website or call (855) 331-1900.