Home Inspection in Pasadena – Saving for Inevitable Home Maintenance Projects

Most experts recommend having a savings account with 1% to 4% of your home’s value for home maintenance, both replacements and repairs. On a $500K home, 1% is $5,000, while 4% is $20,000. Even if you’re only saving the bare minimum, that’s still a chunk of change each year to set aside for home maintenance. And that $5,000 might not cover a full year’s worth of breakdowns and repairs. Learn more about how home inspections and roof inspections in Pasadena can help you better budget for your home maintenance needs.

Is 1% to 4% Realistic?

Having $5,000 to $20,000 in the bank for home repairs may seem like enough, and it could be if you have a new home. If your home is older with more appliances and systems that have a few years, $5,000 could go very quickly towards home maintenance. How much you will spend on home repairs often comes down to age of the home, the materials used, and the climate where you live. The heat and humidity in Pasadena can cause early deterioration of roofing materials and exterior accessories. When you get ready to replace the roof, it might cost you much more than one year’s worth of savings. Home inspections in Pasadena can help you understand what maintenance is needed and when approximately you might need to replace things like your roof surface.

Home Inspections Give You Information

All home sales are required to provide NHD reports in Pasadena, but home inspections are voluntary. A home inspection can help you understand the systems in your home and what maintenance and repairs might be required in the next few years. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home, you can learn a lot about your home and what you may want to prioritize when making renovations or repairs. This can help you budget more effectively for home maintenance. There may be things you can do early to prevent costlier repair bills down the road.

Home Inspections in Pasadena Aren’t Just For Real Estate Transactions

Most home buyers and sellers use home inspections as part of a sale to learn more about your home, but home and termite inspections in Pasadena can tell you a lot about your home’s condition. Home inspectors are trained and have experience in gauging a home’s maintenance needs. Consider a small investment in a home inspection a way to manage your money better to make sure you’re prepared for what may happen in your home.