Realtors Will Need to Make Connections with Contractors

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 6.12 million homes were sold in the U.S. in 2021, including more than 536,000 in California. While generally, no laws require a buyer or seller to conduct an inspection when a home is being bought or sold, the NAR reports that about 80 percent of buyers hire a home inspector to understand the condition of a home before a purchase is finalized to help them take any needed remedial actions. That is a substantial contingency for a buyer once they are under contract. Professional home inspections in Anaheim can help buyers make good home purchase decisions. 

What a Home Inspection in Anaheim Should Include

A home inspection should include: 

  • The foundation, basement, and any additional structural components. 
  • The attic, and any visible insulation. 
  • Interior plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems. 
  • The condition of windows, doors, and door frames. 
  • The condition of ceilings, floors, walls, and stairs. 
  • Major appliances. 
  • The condition of the home exterior, including termite inspections in Anaheim 
  • The condition of the roof is an important focus for roof inspections in Anaheim. 

When Does a Home Inspection Take Place?

If a seller utilizes an inspection, it will take place before the home is listed for sale so that a seller will know if he/she has any repair issues to deal with. With this knowledge, a seller can fix any issues in advance thus saving time and avoiding negotiations in the selling process. A buyer’s inspection will take place once they have made an offer to a seller, but before a sales contract is signed. That inspection gives the buyer leverage to get problems fixed, change the sales price, or even back out of a contract. Thus, when buying a home, seek out reliable home inspections in Anaheim. 

What Happens After a Home Inspection

The homebuyer will review the inspection report with the real estate agent and the agent will help the buyer determine whether to buy the house, ask for specific repairs to be made, or even cancel the sale. A list of requested repairs will be made and given to the seller. Generally, cosmetic repairs are considered unreasonable. The seller will review the requested list of repairs and provide a response. Thereafter, the buyer and seller reach an agreement (if possible) and the sale will either proceed to close or it dissolves. 

Realtors Will Need to Make Needed Connections with Contractors

A real estate agent will have good connections with home inspectors, plumbers, electricians, HVAC experts, and general contractors to help buyers get the work done that they need, along with experience to verify the quality of their work.

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