Common Findings for Home Inspections in Anaheim

California’s homes face specific stressors, which is why home inspections in Anaheim and the state’s other cities tend to uncover certain common problems. Reading this article will help you learn about what potential issues you can expect an Anaheim-area home inspection to reveal. That, in turn, can inform your decisions if you’re buying a home.

Fire Damage

Unfortunately, like many cities in Southern California, Anaheim sometimes faces fires. Those have come in the form of fires typical of urban areas, such as apartment blazes, but also in forms like Canyon Fire 2, a wildfire. Regardless of the cause, a fire can leave long-last damage to a home, even if it’s superficially repaired.

Water Damage

Water damage can be more insidious than fire damage, but the end result is often just as damaging. A torrential downpour may cause sudden leaks, which are obvious enough for homeowners to detect and fix. However, home inspectors also try to detect more subtle problems caused by water slowly but surely leaking into the home. Leaks can spring from a faulty pipe or insufficient water sealing, which may let rainwater in, leading to issues like mold and rot over time.

Roof Issues

Californian homes deal with year-round sun, plus frequent rain and windy conditions. None of these forces are friends to a roof. Luckily, Anaheim roof inspections are a handy way to detect problems unique to the city’s roofs.


Anaheim termite inspections are important because, according to one estimate, well over half of Southern California homes have termites. If a home inspector doesn’t offer termite inspections as part of their service package, consider bringing in a company that does. Some lenders may even require it during a home purchase.

Home Inspections in Anaheim – Fixing the Problems

The decision of who ultimately pays for the repairs—a home’s buyer or seller—may depend on the market. If a buyer is one among many people interested in the home, they may want to cut to the chase and pay themselves. If a buyer has more leverage, though, they may be able to get the seller to agree to paying for some or all of the repairs. The situation isn’t black and white, though: As with any transaction, finding a compromise may minimize bad blood and maximize the chances of a successful transaction. HomeGuard Incorporated provides expert home inspections, roof inspection, termite inspection, pool inspection, sewer lateral inspection, and natural hazard disclosures to much of Southern California. If you need a great team to handle your inspections contact HomeGuard today!