Home Inspections in Buena Park Can Uncover Major Issues

The real estate market might be slowing down, but no one wants to lose out on a home they love because of problems with the home. Avoid a broken real estate transaction by getting home inspections in Buena Park so you don’t miss some of these big problems that could be very problematic once the home is sold.

Cracks in Walls or the Foundations

Cracks in the walls aren’t nearly as bad as cracks in the foundation, but both could indicate bigger problems with the home. If an inspector calls them out, the seller may need to make repairs or offer compensation in some way. Foundational cracks can spell disaster to a real estate contract.

Age of the Home

An older home that hasn’t been updated may be a warning of bad things ahead. Buyers will want information from the seller about plumbing or electrical repairs and updates to know how old different systems really are. Roof inspections in Buena Park can give you a good idea of the state of the roof and when it will needs to be replaced.

Exterior Issues

Homebuyers may pass on a home when they see loose bricks or worn siding. Curb appeal is still a key buying point. Windows and doors should be weatherproofed. A fresh coat of paint and landscaping will help sell a house. If a buyer does get past the exterior flaws, the inspector may still find significant issues with the exterior.

Uneven Flooring

Flooring is an expensive repair, especially if you’re living in the home. It can indicate a serious problem with the structure of the home or a problem with excess moisture or water damage. A homebuyer who finds uneven floors may not want to take on the necessary repairs. A homeowner can get a home inspection to identify issues before putting the home on the market and start the repair process early to avoid the bargaining process with a buyer.

Pests and Insects

Although many states don’t require termite inspections as part of the selling process, many lenders do. Sellers often have to pay for termite inspections in Buena Park, so getting one early when you’re selling can give you peace of mind that the home is pest-free, and you won’t need to negotiate with the buyer.

HomeGuard Inspections in Buena Park Gives You the Insight You Need

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