How To Assess Indoor Air Quality – Home Inspections in Los Angeles

According to the EPA, Americans spend over 90% of their time indoors. Indoor pollutants are more concentrated than the outdoors, leaving residents susceptible to respiratory issues and other adverse effects of pollution. When you’re buying a home, you should check with the company performing home inspections in Los Angeles to ask how they check indoor air quality.

How To Know If Air Quality Is Okay or Not

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way for most people to tell if the air quality in their home is okay or not. If the air quality is poor, many of the symptoms may not come on very quickly. Residents of a home with poor air quality may have coughing or difficult breathing, allergic reactions, headaches and skin dryness. These symptoms may clear up when they’re outside of the home. A professional home inspector can measure air quality with a VOC sensor to find potential issues that can be remediated.

Common Causes of Poor Air Quality

Air pollution comes from many sources, but the typical ones in the home are fireplaces, heaters, chemicals, smoking, and dust. Wildfires can cause poor air quality inside a home, as can many chemicals. Mold and mildew can also cause air pollution. These pollutants can cause many different types of illnesses when not dealt with. Carbon monoxide poisoning mimics the symptoms of the flu but can lead to death when not addressed. Home inspections in Long Beach can help you find potential problems.

What Can You Do About Poor Indoor Air Quality?

You can improve your home’s indoor air quality with some simple tips:

  • Change your HVAC filters.
  • Keep your floors clean.
  • Control humidity in your home.
  • Indoor plants can help freshen air.
  • Install CO detectors.

Home Inspections in Los Angeles and Much More

When you’re buying a home, the sellers are required to provide a Natural Hazard Disclosure report that includes information about wildfires and earthquakes but the seller may not realize they have poor indoor air quality. NHD reports in Los Angeles may be required but this does not mean that your home is inspected for indoor air quality. A home warranty can help to cover some repairs to heaters or air conditioners that can contribute to poor indoor air quality. Contact HomeGuard Incorporated with all your inspection and disclosure needs.