My Home Inspections in Temecula Revealed Necessary Repairs… What’s Next?

A home inspection is often the last big step when buying a home, but what happens when home inspections in Temecula uncover serious problems? They obviously need to be repaired, but who pays for them? Well, that all depends on a few different factors.

Your Offer Contract

The first thing to consider when roof inspections in Temecula uncover some serious issues is the offer contract for the home. When a buyer and seller enter into a contract for a home, they include certain contingencies that allow either party to walk away from the agreement without penalty. For example, if a home inspection uncovers a serious problem such as a damaged roof or a bad foundation, the buyer might be able to back out of the contract without being penalized for it. The seller might also agree to make the necessary repairs at no cost to the buyer as part of their contract. On the other hand, if the contract states that the buyer would be purchasing the home “as is,” the buyer is responsible for any repairs that need to be made to their new home. The buyer can certainly negotiate for a lower price to cover the costs of the repairs, but they will still need to pay for the repairs.

What Repairs Need to be Made

If a home inspection only uncovers some minor issues that are easy to repair and won’t render a home uninhabitable, the buyer is usually responsible for fixing them. This is the case with things such as a chip in a window or a small crack in a floor. If things like termite inspections in Temecula uncover serious damage, it’s probably not unreasonable for the buyer to request that they be made. In this case, it’s really up to the seller to make the repairs if they want to make the sale. Again, it comes down to the agreement that is made between the buyer and the seller.

Adhering to Local Laws

Finally, when a home inspection uncovers issues that are obvious code violations such as severe water damage or mold, it is almost always on the seller to make the necessary repairs. This is especially the case if the issues are long-standing. In other words, if the seller either has been aware of the issues or should have been aware of them, there is no reason why repairs shouldn’t be made before the home goes on the market.

Determining who pays for repairs after a home inspection will almost always depend on the agreement between the buyer and the seller. Before a contract is written up, repairs are negotiable. After that, it depends solely on what is in writing.

HomeGuard Home Inspections in Temecula and Beyond

In any case, a home inspection is a must for anyone interested in purchasing a home. If you are planning to purchase a home and you need someone to look it over before signing a contract, contact HomeGuard Incorporated today. We specialize in home inspections, roofing inspections, termite inspection, and sewer lateral inspections in Temecula and most of Northern and Southern California, and we will be glad to take a look at your potential new home to make sure it’s in good condition.