Home Inspection Company Tips for Better Storage

One thing that home inspections professionals in Sacramento and beyond notice upon initial visits is that many residences are crammed with stored clutter that no longer serves any practical purpose. This makes it difficult for homeowners to have space for items that they consistently use year after year such as holiday decorations. If you purge your home of extraneous clutter, it will be cleaner, more spacious, better organized, less stressful, and a place you can relax. Here are some tips on how you can declutter your home and dispose of whatever you find that has outlived its usefulness.

Dispense with Excuses

Depending on your personality, you probably use one or more of several standard excuses as to why you accumulate clutter in your home. One of the most common reasons is that you may find a use for hoarded items someday. The difficulty with this argument is that the hypothetical “someday” never comes, and things continue to accumulate until your house is bursting at the seams. Another excuse stems from a lack of organization; you purchase unneeded extras of things you already possess because you can’t find them in the midst of the excess. A third excuse is that when you contemplate initiating the decluttering process you feel overwhelmed, and so you put it off indefinitely. Getting ahead of the clutter before you are ready to order a home inspection for a new home and get ready to move will make the transition so much easier.

Commit to Change

It is essential to be fully committed to decluttering your home. Determination and a vision of the end result in your mind’s eye will see you through. When excuses erupt, counter them by contemplating the benefits of a clutter-free environment. Remember that by devoting even a few minutes a day to the task, within a short period of time you will see significant progress.

Devise a System

Come up with a strategy that will help you methodically attack your home’s clutter. For example, schedule a time when everyone in the family pitches in. You can get a lot done if you work on it together. Have one receptacle for trash and another for items you can donate. Anything, whether clothes or household items, that has not been used in the past 12 months is probably extraneous and can be got rid of. If there are some things you’re not sure of, put them aside in a box. If you don’t seek them out in the coming months, you probably have no need for them.

Let Go of Mementos

Sometimes it seems hardest to let go of items that have memories attached. However, just because friends or relatives have given you things years or decades ago doesn’t mean you have to hang onto them forever. Instead, give these things away. Alternatively, if they are valuable, make some money by selling them online.

Deal with the Paperwork

Come up with a method of handling the mail and other paperwork that accumulates in stacks on random surfaces. When mail comes in, go through it methodically. Save what is important such as bills, correspondence, invitations, and other business, and recycle what you don’t need. Have designated bins or shelves when you keep your important papers.

Pass It On

If you have larger items such as furniture that you no longer need, keep in mind that numerous charitable organizations are willing to pick up unneeded belongings that are still usable. These organizations include the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, and the veterans’ organization Pick Up Please.

For many other ways to donate your belongings find a full list of where to donate here: https://www.mymove.com/moving/guides/free-donation-pickup/

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