Avoid Problems with Regular Roof Inspections

While the roof is one of the most sensitive parts of a structure, many people take it for granted, failing to inspect and prevent leaks and other roof problems that will occur at some point.

The National Roof Certification and Inspection Association reports that roof problems are the biggest issues raised by home inspections across the country. In fact, 39% of household insurance claims have something to do with leaking roofs or rust concerns. This is why it is so important for you as the homeowner to perform regular roof inspections, especially before winter weather sets in, as rain, ice, and wind make it tricky and more expensive.

Considering a roof inspection? Here is why you should have a professional inspection:

Professional Inspections Helps You Sell Your Home

If you are looking to sell your home, you’ll need to get it ready for the market. The new occupant will sleep easy knowing that the roof has been inspected and they will know that leaks and general structural instability are not present. For you, a stable roof means a better bargaining field as well as a possible bump in the value of the property you are trying to sell. In addition to the added value that comes with the stamp of approval from a certified roof inspector, you won’t have to worry about getting hit with a lawsuit due to a roof issue that you fail to disclose to your buyer.

Avoid Expensive Emergency Repairs

If your roof has a problem it’s not going to get better on it’s own, deficiencies like leaks manifest over the winter as the components of your roof are tested with wind, rain, and debris from trees. You don’t want tree branches falling on an already compromised roof. Neither do you want to have a leaky or deficient roof in the middle of a stormy winter night. Even small leaks can cause big problems, whether your roof decking begins to rot and necessitates a larger roof repair, or you experience a leak that creates an environment for mold to thrive. Inspections help you deal with problems before they cause major interior damage and before they become more expensive to repair.

Keeps You and Your Family Comfortable

Regular roof inspections allow experts to find and correct any roofing problems to ensure that those living in the structures are allowed to enjoy an environment of warmth and comfort. Leaky roofs can allow drafts and moisture right inside your home and make the place uncomfortably cold or moist and lead to problems that can make your home unsafe for habitation.

Professional Inspectors Provide Expertise and Advice

Whether your roof is actually deficient or in tip top condition, it is always worth it to get the opinion of a trained professional. This way, you get to know your next course of action; maintenance, repair or just basic management.

Thinking About Scheduling a Roof or Home Inspection?

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