The housing market is crazy. When it’s a seller’s market, it can be tempting to forego a home inspection in Anaheim to get ahead of the competition. Even in a buyer’s market, you may just want to get through the closing process without a lot of fuss, but a home inspection can give you so much information about the home, you shouldn’t waive it without seriously considering the implications. Both sellers and buyers benefit from a home inspection during the transaction.

Why Sellers Should Request a Home Inspection in Anaheim

Home and roof inspections in Anaheim give you a lot of information about what buyers may want fixed before signing a contract. Your inspection can give you direction about what to prioritize to get your home on the market for a faster sale. You can work on an older roof or make arrangements to have a home warranty as part of the sale. A home inspection can be a negotiating tool when the buyers do come to you with problems that they are seeking to address.

Why Buyers Need a Home, Roof, and Termite Inspection in Anaheim

Given that most homes are the biggest purchase most people make, you’d think that home buyers would want to spend more time in the home before signing any contract. It’s very difficult to get out of a home contract, so you want to have as much information about the systems of the home before you buy. A home inspection lets you know whether the dishwasher really cycles through a complete wash or whether the heater is really just five years old, as the owners say.

Home Inspections Are Educational

A home inspection gives buyers and sellers a lot of information about how the home works. The standard home inspector’s report will include an evaluation of the condition of the home’s heating system, central air conditioning system, interior plumbing and electrical systems, the roof, attic, and visible structure. If problems are found, the inspector will refer you to the appropriate specialist or trades person for further evaluation. A termite inspection, more properly referred to as a Wood Destroying Pest and Organism inspection report, entails a thorough inspection of the complete exterior and interior of the structure for wood destroying pests and organisms. Homebuyers often look at the surface only. An inspection is the deep dive into what’s beneath that could potentially be a problem down the road.

Don’t take on any real estate transaction without a home and termite inspection in Anaheim. Contact HomeGuard to make an appointment.