Termite Inspections in Sacramento Are Necessary to Identify Potential Problems

Few things can ruin your ability to refinance or sell your home faster than a termite infestation. The only problem is that the signs of a termite infestation aren’t always apparent to the untrained eye. You might notice signs such as rotting wood or wooden structures that are falling apart, but most people only notice these things after their termite problem has already taken hold and done some serious damage. Before you schedule a home inspection in Sacramento to refinance or sell your home, take the time to schedule a Sacramento termite inspection to make sure that you don’t have an invisible pest control problem.

How Termite Inspections Differ from Home Inspections

Scheduling a home inspection is an important part of buying, selling or refinancing a home. A home inspector in Sacramento looks for safety hazards or any defects that could affect a home’s value or possibly render it uninhabitable. Unfortunately, home inspectors aren’t trained to spot signs of a termite infestation. For that, you will need to find a licensed termite inspector. This person will look for obvious signs of termite damage in your home, but they will also look for wood destroying organisms like infections of fungi such as white rot and dry rot. They will also identify plumbing leaks and water stains which shows evidence of current or past leakage.

How To Find a Good Pest Inspector

You should select a termite company by quality and value. Cost should not be the underlying factor for choice.  Most of the time, you get what you pay for.  Schedule a termite inspection with a company who has been in business for a long while. Your REALTOR® usually has a strong team of inspectors, contractors, stagers, and photographers who they rely on and trust. Ask your REALTOR® who they recommend.

Schedule a Sacramento Termite Inspection Today!

Whether you are purchasing a new home or you are selling your own home, you cannot afford to take any chances with termite infestations. If you suspect that you have an infestation or you simply want some peace of mind, contact HomeGuard today to schedule a thorough inspection of your property. Call us at (855) 331-1900 or contact us online for more information.