San Clemente Home Inspections – What To Do About Unpermitted Work

No one preparing to buy a home should want to find a major “Oh, no!” involved in the process. One major “Oh, no!” is unpermitted work that could be very risky for a homebuyer, and their mortgage lender, and their mortgage insurance provider. In every home purchase process, it is wise to get expert San Clemente home inspections assistance to protect yourself and others. 

What is Unpermitted Work

Unpermitted work on a home is defined as any construction project that is undertaken without the permits that are legally required for that project. Examples of unpermitted work projects include major changes to a home, like work on an unfinished basement, a home expansion/addition, putting on a deck, and installing fences. Other changes that may require permits include adding skylights, cutting new windows, constructing a new home entrance, updating the HVAC system, and other major plumbing and electrical work. Generally, any construction renovations that impact the structural integrity or safety of a building require a permit. 

What may appear to be a “dream home” may become a nightmare if home improvements are made without the required permits. Seeking proper San Clemente home inspection involvement is the answer. 

What Are the Homebuyer’s Risks

If you buy a home with unpermitted construction projects, the liability of those renovations is passed on to you, even if you have no knowledge of those renovations. You can be fined, and you may be forced to remove the improvements, and required to start them all over again. Suppose damage occurs to the unpermitted renovation due to earth movements or water damage, your homeowners insurance may not cover the damage, leaving you to fork out the repair costs yourself. Unpermitted work can stop the sale if discovered in the closing process. A home sale can fall through if public records show the home does not meet current building codes. And mortgage lenders can demand loan payback if a buyer purchases a home with unpermitted work that was not disclosed in the purchase process. 

What Should a Homebuyer Do

It is critical to engage the pros in San Clemente home inspections to examine all aspects of the home you propose purchasing. All sellers have to give their potential buyers a “property disclosure.” That will itemize all work done to the property during their ownership including any work done without a permit. In California, all sellers are required to provide their buyers with San Clemente NHD reports which disclose the potential impacts of natural disasters on a property. It would be best to insist on San Clemente termite inspections for important pest protection. Seek the help of your realtor and appraiser in evaluating your potential home purchase. 

San Clemente Home Inspections

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