San Diego Home Inspectors have Seen Some Ugly Houses, Your Home Doesn’t Have to Be One of Them

If you’re selling your San Diego real estate and it has visual flaws, do not despair. Unlike major problems exposed in a roof or termite inspection, small visual issues are something you can quickly and cheaply improve upon. You can take a variety of actions to camouflage unsightly areas of your home. Additionally, there are several tips and tricks to improve curb appeal. Consider the following ideas before you put your residential real estate on the market and you could find success sooner than you might have expected.

Dress Up the Interior

Many homes have windows with little to no visual appeal. If your windows are unattractive, explore the options in window treatments to avoid costly, and often unnecessary, repairs and replacements. One option is to install shades that extend to the floor; then, add curtain panels on either side of the shades. The attractive window treatments will draw attention away from the windows. If all else fails and your windows have serious issues like leaks or cracks that a home inspection company is likely to report, you may need to repair or replace the faulty components.

The flooring in your house can do much to create a lasting impression for potential buyers. However, you don’t need to replace old carpet simply because it doesn’t look beautiful. A classic design trick is to use area rugs as focal points. You can offset a plain carpet with a rug that has an intricate design. Pretty rugs are also excellent tools for hiding stubborn stains or areas that have worn thin.

If the height of your ceiling is disproportionate to the size of your rooms, the effect can be overwhelming. Try placing light fixtures and wall sconces where ceilings should be. This will help to draw eyes away from the ceilings and keep them in the rooms themselves.

Revamp the Exterior

People won’t want to explore your home if the exterior is uninviting. If your place of residence is an architectural disaster, you might need to steer attention to something else. This could be a fountain, a small, arched bridge or a gazebo. If the house is seriously unattractive, consider installing a tall fence made of beautiful wooden slats.

Strategic landscaping can also be effective at minimizing the flaws on the outside of your property. Trees and shrubs will take the focus off of the structure of your house. In the spring and summer, you can make use of vibrant floral displays. If you’re selling your property in the winter, you might consider evergreen shrubs to ensure the look of greenery around your home (and to hide the ugliest parts of the exterior).

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An unsightly property is not a hopeless real estate prospect. On the other hand, serious problems which might be uncovered with a home inspection, such as roof damage or pest infestation, must be addressed before you sell your home. Before you put your San Diego property on the market, be sure to hire a reputable home inspector to perform a home inspection. HomeGuard Incorporated provides a variety of important services to homeowners, including termite inspection, roof inspection, and repairs. Call us today at (855) 331-1900, or contact us online for more details.