5 of the Most Expensive Repairs You Might Find in a San Diego Home Inspection Report

Whether you are a real estate buyer or seller, getting a home inspection is crucial. As a buyer, you will want to be sure you know what to expect of the property you are considering. As a seller, you must be informed about any issues that buyers may view as potential problems.

The following are 5 of the most expensive repairs that could be revealed by performing a San Diego home inspection:

  1. Roof Repairs and Replacement
    The roof protects your home, your belongings and most importantly, your family. If there are punctures, blisters or missing shingles, you will need to have the issues repaired. Leaks are one of the primary indications that something is amiss with your roof. If the damage is too extensive, your home might require a roof replacement. These are not inexpensive jobs, but they
    are crucial in order to keep your home in good condition.
  2. Termite Damage
    Termites can wreak havoc with the foundation of your home. Extermination and restoration may cost your household thousands of dollars, but these tasks must be implemented to prevent further damage. Clues that termite infestation may be present include mud tunnels on the exterior of your structure, an accumulation of bug wings in your basement, and wood that has become hollow in places.
  3. Sewer Line Replacement
    Many homeowners don’t even think about the sewer lines around their homes. However, these lines are your responsibility as a property owner. Since sewer pipes are located underground, they can become clogged or otherwise damaged as a result of adjacent tree roots. The repairs for this type of damage can run over $10,000.
  4. Fire Damage
    If you’ve ever had a fire in your home, you may need to have fire damage repaired. Cooking is one of the leading causes of residential fires, and electrical and heating systems are major contributors to structural fires. One common problem is that many older homes were not wired to handle the amount of electrical devices used by modern consumers. Fortunately, the cost of a house fire may be prevented by installing smoke alarms and by having the wiring inspected.
  5. Water Damage
    Water damage is another expensive home repair issue. If your pipes are increasingly noisy or your water bills are becoming higher, it may be time to replace the pipes or the water heater. While these jobs can be expensive, they need to be done. Performing restorative work after water damage has occurred will be an expensive venture and you’ll still need to repair or replace the aging equipment as well.

Home Inspections are an Important Part of the San Diego, San Jose, Livermore and Sacramento Home Buying Process

Owning a home is a big responsibility, and it certainly comes with its share of expenses. You don’t need to wait until you are buying or selling property to have it inspected. By hiring a home inspector periodically, you could spare yourself unnecessary costs in the future. HomeGuard Incorporated provides an assortment of services, from home inspection, termite inspection, roof inspection to repairs. Call us today at (855) 331-1900, or contact us online for more information.