Termite inspections in San Diego are essential. Termites love the California climate, and you could find them swarming all year long, depending on which type of termite. The desert subterranean termite prefers to swarm at dusk in the summer, usually after a rain. The western subterranean termite swarms during the day, after a rain in fall, winter, or spring. The desert drywood termite swarms at night in the summer and early fall. All termites, no matter what type, cause damage to your home over time. Termite inspection in San Diego should be part of your annual routine to make sure your home is free of termites.

Termite Inspection in San Diego

How Is Your Home Vulnerable to Termites?

Subterranean termites usually live in the soil, but they can and do make their home inside your home because it is a veritable feast for them. Drywood termites are normally the kind that are associated with your roof and other wood structures. Even if your roof isn’t wood, it’s likely that the sub-roof contains wood. Professional roof inspections in San Diego can help you spot signs of termites early, before too much damage is done. Here’s what they look for:

  • Loose tiles and shingles
  • Buckling or sagging ceiling
  • Discoloration or bubbling of your ceiling
  • Mounds of frass (termite fecal matter) in your attic or rafters
  • Mud tubes on your chimney or other structures of your home
  • Evidence of winged termites around your home

How Do You Treat Termites?

Treating for termite damage depends on the amount of damage you’re facing. In the early stages, a professional exterminator may be able to spot-treat the affected areas and then you can have your roofer remove the damaged wood to make repairs. If the infestation is more extensive, you may have to have your home tented to treat the termites before making significant repairs. This is why roof inspections in Southern California are so important. An annual inspection can catch a small colony before it has time to do much damage.

Prevention of Termites Is Worth a Pound of Cure

You may also want to work with a professional about preventing termites in your home. Painting the wood can help, because termites won’t bore into wood that is painted. Don’t allow wood debris to accumulate near your home. Don’t use wood mulch near your home if you have wooden siding. Screen your foundation vents and attic to prevent insects from getting in. Have an annual inspection from a professional to find termites quickly. Although you may be aware of the signs of termites, you may not notice a small colony until it gets much bigger. The early signs may be subtle. Termites and ants can often appear similar to the untrained eye. Don’t think your home isn’t vulnerable to termites.

Home, Roof, and Termite Inspection in San Diego

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