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Landscaping and water conservation are often thought of as adversaries. It can take a lot of water to maintain your yard, unless you’re smart about it. Modern technology gives you many more options on how to save money watering your lawn, how to save water by choosing drought-resistant plants, and how to take care of your lawn by saving water. Ask about home inspections in San Diego if you’re thinking of buying or selling your home.!–more–>

Select the Right Plants

When you choose plants for your yard, go with plants native to the area and that are drought-tolerant or take less water. Place plants with the same watering needs together so you don’t have to use more water than necessary in each zone.

Use Mulch to Retain Moisture

A thick layer of mulch keeps the plants roots cooler and minimizes evaporation of water during the hottest part of the day. When used correctly, mulches can reduce weed growth and prevent the soil from crusting. Need home inspections in Riverside? HomeGuard has you covered.

Check Out New Irrigation Technology

Watering systems have more options than ever before. You can find systems that will have an automatic rain shut off or ones that use smart technology to improve watering efficiency based on the weather. Ask about new technology that can help you use less water while keeping your landscape beautiful.

Look For Leaks

Even the tiniest leak can waste a lot of water each year. Small outdoor leaks can go unnoticed for months. Check for leaks in your system at least monthly. Watch your water bill for small increases that aren’t related to using more water.

Install a Rain Barrel

Rainwater is a great way to keep your yard looking healthy, while saving money on water. Check with your municipality for incentives on water conservation. Your landscaper may have an expert who can help you integrate the rainwater into your landscape while keeping the aesthetics of your home.

Mow Higher  

Let your grass grow higher. No, you don’t want it to get unruly, just let it grow to the upper recommended limit. This does quite a few things. First, you may not have to mow as often, which is definitely good for the environment. Keeping your grass higher shades the soil and prevents evaporation of the moisture in the soil, which means your water goes further. Finally, walking on tall grass in your bare feet is just fun.

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