Your Home Can Be Your Oasis with Tips from Your Local Home Inspection Company!

When you find yourself stuck at home with nowhere to go and nothing to do, it’s time to make the most of your home and make it a place you’re happier to relax and spend time. You may not be able to experience your dream vacation this summer, but you can certainly build an oasis of your own. Whether your outdoor area is tiny or expansive, there is much that you can do to make the most of it. Seize the day by finally installing a patio, watching movies under the stars with your family, and of course, get ahead of home maintenance by scheduling Southern California home inspections now. Read on for ways to make your backyard cozier than ever.  

Bring the Indoors Outdoors

Since recent trends have been to spend more time at home, this means it is time to bring the comforts of indoors to your outdoor space. Such a project might simply consist of equipping your deck with a patio daybed, an outdoor rug, and a retractable awning. You could also construct an outdoor kitchen and cooking space, build a backyard movie theater, or install a pergola to create a shaded gathering place.

Have a Seat

In order to enjoy your downtime to its fullest, having a few places to sit is important. In addition to traditional patio furniture, you might add a bench to the trunk of a large tree in your yard. If you have two trees close together, you can tie a hammock to a tree with special straps and hooks, or use a hammock stand to keep it stable. If you are building a retaining wall, you can incorporate seating into the wall itself.

Natural Elements

Including natural elements can be ideal for an outdoor area. If your family enjoys spending time outside in the evening, be sure to use fire as a lighting tool. You can install an enclosed fire pit and hang lanterns that hold candles (if safety is a concern, you can use LED candles instead).

To bring some water to your yard, you might employ several tactics. If a large swimming pool or an above-ground pool is too much for your space, consider a stock tank pool, fountain, or small pond. Misters may also help to keep your backyard cool.

Don’t forget to make the most of the air around you. Try stringing colored lights or paper lanterns from a high tree limb, pergola, or eaves. You can use a patio umbrella to create shade, as well as to add some dimension to your overhead space.

Earth is another important element to include in your backyard design. Use the soil in your yard to plant a beautiful food and flower garden. If you don’t have much ground space to plant outside, you can grow herbs, vegetables, and flowers in containers on your patio or balcony.

This is the perfect time to create the backyard or patio of your dreams!

Home Inspectors in Northern and Southern California

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