You’ve Got Questions, California Roof Inspection Pros Have the Answers

When people request roof inspections in the Central Valley or outlying areas, they often have many questions about their roofs. What are the signs that a roof is in disrepair? If the roof needs to be repaired or replaced, what is the best course of action to take? Exploring the most common roofing questions can help you anticipate some of the issues you may face as a homeowner.

  1. How Can I Know Whether My Roof Needs Work?
    Although a professional inspection is the best way to identify roof issues, you can look for certain signs. Evidence of any sort of deterioration should not be ignored. Cupped or curled shingles, for example, should be repaired or replaced to prevent leaking or pest infestation. If you see tiles or shingles that are loosened or missing, this is another indication of disrepair. Another thing to look for is roof flashing that has been dislocated.
  2. Does a Roof Leak Require Replacement?
    A leaky roof does not necessarily need to be replaced. Repairs may be enough unless the roof is sagging due to structural problems, the shingles or flashing are seriously damaged, or several parts of the roof have been destroyed.
  3. How Long Should I Expect My Roof to Last?
    Your roof’s longevity has much to do with the type of materials used to create it. Typically, a foam roof lasts about 30 years, a shingle roof endures for about 15 to 25 years, and a tile roof should last about 50 years.
  4. Should I Try to Repair My Roof Myself? 
    While many homeowners attempt to work on their roofs themselves, this really isn’t advisable. Only professionals should be trusted with your roof. Qualified, properly trained pros have the knowledge to perform such repairs efficiently. Also, they should have access to the right tools and safety gear for the job. In addition, trusting your roof to anyone but a trained expert could void its manufacturer warranty.
  5. What Should I Look for in a Roofer?
    Be aware that not all roofers are reputable. When shopping around for roofing pros, ask to see official documentation that they are state-licensed and actively insured. You should also be sure that they offer workers’ compensation coverage, so you won’t be held liable if an injury occurs on your property. Any proposals should be in writing, and you should ask for a list of the roofing materials they intend to use.
    Additionally, a contractor should have a permanent business address, as well as a proven track record and legitimate customer testimonials. Keep in mind that a few low online ratings aren’t always a bad thing. If you can see that a contractor works to resolve issues for customers, this can indicate that they place a high value on their work and the client experience.

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This article is based on the information in an infographic (Click to View) provided by KY-KO Roofing Systems