The choices you make for the color scheme of your Bay Area property could have a significant impact on the value of your home. If you are selling a home, the hues indoors may be just as important as the paint that adorns the exterior. Thus, while most of your home’s market value might be determined by location and other factors, changing some of the colors in your home might actually increase its appeal to potential buyers.

If you are not interested in selling your property anytime soon, you may still want to reconsider past color choices. Painting and redecorating can give you an opportunity to tailor each room to suit your personal taste, as well as to improve the general aesthetic value of your home. You can implement a variety of DIY projects to infuse new color into your space.

The following points may help you explore which colors might work best in your home.

The Kitchen

Many households spend the bulk of their time in this room, particularly if they dine at a kitchen counter or in a breakfast nook. Bright hues such as lighter shades of orange, red, magenta, and yellow can be a logical option for a kitchen (In fact, red has even been known to stimulate the appetite). However, if bright colors do not appeal to you, you may want to employ neutrals with just a few dashes of vibrant red, green or blue instead.

General Use Areas

When selecting options for areas such as a living room, sitting room or a basement recreation room, you should first decide what type of effect you hope to achieve. Black and white hues and other décor can create an elegant setting. Purple and blue may give a room a lush, sophisticated feel. If you don’t wish to commit to a dramatic paint choice, use a neutral color such as gray or taupe. Then, you can add splashes of more dramatic hues that reflect your comfort level.

The Bedrooms

Ideally, a bedroom is a place to achieve optimal rest and relaxation. Soothing tones are generally the best options for the bedroom. Blue and even pink can have a neutralizing effect and they might be paired with a variety of other hues as well. Deep green and violet may also have a relaxing impact.

Be True to Yourself

When redesigning the color layout of your space, always make your own preferences are your top priority. Unless you are specifically applying new tones to increase the appeal to home buyers, your family will be most directly affected by your interior design decisions.

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