Check Rules and Regulations Before You Buy

As a prospective homeowner, you will have a variety of important factors to consider. Certain details may have an impact on your buying choices, such as HOA rules and limitations, as well as the results of home inspections once you find a home you are considering.

If you have dogs or plan to have them, you should know the guidelines in a neighborhood before you move forward with a purchase.

Local Rules That May Affect Dog Owners

Generally, HOA rules about dogs are based upon the likelihood of certain scenarios. You might be expected to adhere to a limit on the number of dogs allowed on your property, a guideline that would help to circumvent issues that might arise when property owners have several dogs. Such a rule can aid in preventing animal hoarding, for example. On the other hand, a person who wishes to breed dogs as a hobby may not find such a restriction desirable, so it is important to know what the mandates are prior to making a buying decision.

If you have a support dog, you might assume that your animal is immune to HOA scrutiny. However, if your service dog creates problems for others in your neighborhood, you could find yourself in direct violation of HOA rules.

Another factor that may affect a dog owner is the breed of your animal. Some breeds may not be allowed in your neighborhood, particularly very large breeds, or those that are known to be quite aggressive. If a dog is seen as a nuisance or is viewed as menacing by other residents, you may be faced with surrendering your fur-baby in favor of a less troublesome dog.

Always Check the C C & Rs

As a homeowner and dog owner, the best way to prevent misunderstandings is to obtain a copy of your prospective HOA’s Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). If you have any questions or concerns about these rules, you should resolve them (get it in writing) before you opt to buy a home in any given neighborhood. If the rules are too restrictive to your goals as a dog owner, you may want to keep shopping until you find a better fit.

Getting to know a prospective neighborhood before you buy is crucial. If your dogs are a top priority, your place of residence should be compatible with your needs as a dog owner.

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