Home inspections can be an invaluable asset to homeowners and potential buyers. Whether you are a buyer, a seller, or you simply have lived in your home for a long time with no desire to move, this is not a resource to overlook. Every home should be viewed by an inspector periodically, especially if it is on the market. Read on to explore how the inspection process can benefit you.

Why Home Inspections in Irvine Are Important

You may already be aware that home inspections are crucial for area buyers and sellers. However, you may not realize that if you have lived in your home for several years, an occasional inspection is also important. In fact, having your home professionally inspected may help to ensure your safety and well-being. Neglecting this critical step could lead to a variety of avoidable problems, including a strain on your finances. As you go about your everyday life, you may not notice issues that a professional would see, such as damage to the foundation, worrisome flooring issues, or dry rot in the attic. In other cases, hiring a professional may be an obvious and urgent necessity, such as when homeowners require termite inspections for their Irvine properties.

From the standpoint of a buyer or seller, getting a home inspected is a must before any sale is made. This type of thorough inspection will help protect everyone involved from misunderstanding the condition of the home.

Understanding the Inspection Process

The purpose of general home inspections in Irvine is to identify potential and existing issues. A professional inspector will examine a home from top to bottom. One detail to keep in mind is that an inspection is not the same as an appraisal. An appraiser will assess factors that contribute to the overall value of the home itself, which may include comparing it with other nearby properties that have recently been sold. An inspector’s job is to determine problems with the condition of the home, which will need to be fixed at some point.

Here are several examples of the kinds of things home inspectors look for and report:

  • Foundation and Structure – The very structure of a home is critical to the safety of those who live in it. An inspector will view things like the interior and exterior walls, the doors and windows, the attic and crawl spaces, the stairs, and the roof. The foundation will be viewed for signs of damage.
  • Roof – An Inspector will check if the peak is straight and level, the roof sagging between rafters, if shingles show any signs of deterioration, roof vents are visible, and if there is any loose flashing near a chimney.
  • Interior Plumbing – Inspections in these rooms include testing the appliances for proper function. Sinks and toilets will be turned on to test usability.
  • Visible Electrical Issues – During a typical home inspection, an inspector will look for potential electrical problems that can be detected with a visual examination. This can mean turning on lights and ceiling fans, as well as checking outlets for ground fault circuit protection.
  • Systems – The various systems of a home are a vital aspect of its functionality. An inspector should examine things like the water heater and the HVAC components. Features of the safety system should also be tested, such as smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Why Home Inspections in Irvine Are Crucial for Home Buyers

If you are a buyer and have found a home that seriously interests you, be sure to schedule an inspection as soon as possible. If an inspector discovers damage to the prospective property, you will probably need to reassess the terms of your decision. Often, an inspection contingency is part of the escrow agreement, allowing a buyer to abandon the potential sale if significant damage is identified. Another option may be to either lower the agreed price of the property, or to give the seller a chance to have the necessary repairs made before the sale.

Whether you need a general home inspection or something more specific, HomeGuard Incorporated is ready to help. We provide a range of inspections to area residents, from termite inspections to pool inspections to roof inspections in Irvine. Thorough home inspections are one of our specialties, and they are essential for all homeowners and prospective buyers.

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