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According to the San Francisco Chronicle, wildfire season in California traditionally is from June through November. Due to many factors, climate change, forest management, and the human element, the season is getting longer. It’s starting earlier in the year and ending later. In addition, wildfires are getting worse. California homeowners who live in a high risk wildfire zone need to take time to prepare their home and property to be ready in case of a fire. Home inspections in Oakland can help you identify problem areas before there is a fire.

Create a Fire-Resistant Landscape

A wildfire needs three elements to burn – oxygen, fuel, and heat. If you take away any of those elements, you can put the fire out. Depriving the fire of fuel is your best bet on your property. Keep your lawns hydrated and well-maintained. Clean up dry leaves and grass. Cut down dry shrubs and dead trees. Wildfires can spread through the treetops. Prune trees to keep the lowest branches at least six feet from the ground. If you have trees near your home, prune the branches back away from the roof. Ask about home inspections in Irvine before selling your home.

Reduce Your Home’s Risk of Fire

Consider using fire-resistant materials for door mats, garbage cans, window screens and other outdoor items near your home. Use inorganic mulch near the foundation of your home. Choose fire retardant materials for your walls and shingles. If you’re unsure about what materials you have currently, home inspections in Tracy can help you identify your home’s systems to create a plan for making your home more protected against fire.

Create an Emergency Plan

Finally, make sure your family knows what to do in case of fire. Have an emergency supply kit with important documents and personal items so if you need to evacuate quickly, you are prepared. Know at least two ways out of your neighborhood. Have a designated meeting site and one outside contact just in case everyone gets separated. You may also want to talk to your community leaders about any regulations you should be following during wildfire season.

California Home Inspection Company

HomeGuard Incorporated provides home inspections for real estate transactions and more. Your home inspection is an educational tool that guides you as a homeowner to understand how to protect your home against real threats, such as wildfires. Contact us to schedule an appointment.