The roof of your home protects everything inside of it, including your family. That’s why you should arrange for an annual roof inspection in Sacramento. Although your roof doesn’t face the same harsh winters as many other parts of the country, California experiences enough severe weather throughout the year to cause significant roof damage. Normal aging can cause issues as well. If you have never arranged for a Sacramento roof inspection before, we have outlined what you can expect below.

What to Expect from Your Sacramento Roof Inspectors

The first thing your roof inspector will do is inspect all readily accessible roof components including flashing. An exterior roof inspection will also involve looking at the condition of the shingles and chimney. The inspector is looking at the roof type, wear characteristics, life expectancy, overall quality of workmanship, conformance to manufacturer specifications, and overall quality. Remember, it is a visual inspection of the exterior roof covering.

The latter includes dormers, eaves, rakes, gutters, and valleys. You should receive a recommendation for which parts of your roof to repair along with a cost estimate at the conclusion of the inspection. Some significant problems that require immediate attention include:

  • Missing or torn roof shingles
  • Sagging roof deck
  • Deterioration of shingles
  • Gutters filled with debris and/or standing water
  • Other Indications That You Could Benefit from Immediate Roof Repair

Now that you are aware of what they do inspect, let’s cover what they cannot. They will not inspect internal components such as underlayment, fasteners or other inaccessible components for performance or condition, including wood members or structure components.

Fast, Easy Online Sacramento Roof Inspection Ordering

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