Sometimes, a home inspection may reveal an asbestos problem. The presence of asbestos should always be taken seriously, as prolonged exposure to it can lead to serious health issues. If you suspect that you may have this material in your home, it’s important to have a professional identify it and remove it as soon as possible.

Home Inspectors Often Find Asbestos in Older Homes, So What is Asbestos?

What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a material present in many homes constructed prior to the 1980s. It comprises a group of six natural minerals, which consist of thin fibers that are similar to needles in a structure. When homes contain products made with asbestos that become damaged, the fibers can then become airborne. Those who live in such a home can then inhale the resultant dust, which is a health danger.

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Health Problems Related to Asbestos

Being exposed to asbestos can ultimately lead to a variety of health conditions, particularly for people who inhale the dust over long periods of time. This is why asbestos is so problematic in residential construction.

Cancer is one of the most concerning issues that may result from asbestos inhalation. Mesothelioma is a cancer that is linked solely to asbestos exposure. The mineral fibers may also cause ovarian cancer, laryngeal cancer, and lung cancer.

As a result of inhaling asbestos, other lung issues may manifest, as well. One of these is known as asbestosis, which is a progressive, chronic lung disease directly related to repeated inhalation of asbestos. Another is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a chronic, inflammatory lung disorder that is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States.

Additionally, the pleurae, which are thin membranes that envelop the lungs, are especially vulnerable to this toxic dust. Pleural conditions that may develop due to asbestos include pleurisy/pleuritis (inflammation of the inner lining of the lungs), pleural effusions (fluid in the pleural cavity), pleural plaques, and diffuse pleural thickening.

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Removing Asbestos

If you suspect that your home may contain asbestos, getting professional help is critical. First, you will need a pro to discern whether the material is present in your home. If it is, expert assistance will be required to implement asbestos abatement. Because these fibers are so dangerous, only a trained pro should perform an inspection for and elimination of asbestos. Failing to remove it properly could lead to serious illness and death.

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Don’t Postpone a Home Inspection!

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